TOM Cococha Diamond


With the new premium charcoal TOM COCOCHA Diamond we want to go one better.


The result exceeded our expectation by far.


From an elaborate selection process of the raw material to the carbonization and up to the sifting we spare neither trouble nor expense to meet the very highest demands.


The cut occurs manually, the filling in an air-conditioned and dust-free environment.


... and the Diamond is ready!



TOM COCOCHA Diamond 54 pcs.






4056 455 380309


Cube size:

22 x 22 x 22 mm



approx. 0,5 kg / box


Cubes per box:

54 pcs.


Pallet unit:

66 packages à 20 x 0,5 kg / Euro Pallet


Product description:

pure nature product made in Indonesia

Shisha-Blocks made of 100% coconut shells

burns hotter and longer

remains about 80% less ash


Product with environmental benefit:

Not a singe tree needs to die for the manufacture of this product



Tips for users:

To achieve the perfect smoking experience please light up the briquettes evenly from all sides.
Afterwards, wait until every single briquette is completely glowing.
You will find detailed information on this in our FAQ.