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Tom Coco

BBQ charcoal made from coconut shells from Hannover Exquisite and sustainable!

The original! More than 30 years ago TOM Cococha Red was discovered as a particularly alternative to conventional wooden charcoal. The long glow time, the high calorific value and an almost residue-free burning have remained as unique features until the present day. Because of the big block shape of 40 x 30 x 25 mm TOM Cococha Red suits excellent for BBQ, as the bigger cubes cannot fall through the cooking grid.

The above-average calorific value and the very long glow time make our BBQ charcoal from Hannover unbeatable from an economic point of view, because you only need around 1 kg of the coconut briquettes. Furthermore, the charcoal remains less ash and have a compact and practical packaging.

The advantages of the coconut charcoal in sum:

  • 100 % Bio
  • DIN Plus certified
  • High carbon content
  • No trees are cut down for this product
  • Pure waste product made from coconut shells
  • Less formation of ash
  • Long glow time up to 6 hours, up to 13 hours in smokers
  • 150° - 200°C more heat than conventional wooden charcoal
  • Perfect storeable due a beneficial shape of packaging

Check our natural charcoal from Hannover at your next BBQ and get a taste for it! The hard coconut shells are not only more energy-efficient in the burning process than wood. After processing the carbonizing our coconut briquettes have an unbeatable carbon content. Trust us, you will notice the difference!

Organic Our charcoal briquettes are made from 100 % coconut shells, which remain during the production of other coconut products.
Gentle No trees are cut down for the production of our briquettes, since we only use the shells of the coconut itself.
Efficient Our briquettes have a comparatively high energy value. They are produced under very high pressure and provide much heat.
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