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The original! More than 30 years ago TOM Cococha Red was discovered as a particularly alternative to conventional wooden charcoal. The long glow time, the high calorific value and an almost residue-free burning have remained as unique features until the present day. Because of the big block shape of 40 x 30 x 25 mm TOM Cococha Red suits excellent for BBQ, as the bigger cubes cannot fall through the cooking grid.

The above-average calorific value and the very long glow time make our BBQ charcoal from Hannover unbeatable from an economic point of view, because you only need around 1 kg of the coconut briquettes. Furthermore, the charcoal remains less ash and have a compact and practical packaging.

The advantages of the coconut charcoal in sum:

  • 100 % Bio
  • DIN Plus certified
  • High carbon content
  • No trees are cut down for this product
  • Pure waste product made from coconut shells
  • Less formation of ash
  • Long glow time up to 6 hours, up to 13 hours in smokers
  • 150° - 200°C more heat than conventional wooden charcoal
  • Perfect storeable due a beneficial shape of packaging
    Check our natural charcoal from Hannover at your next BBQ and get a taste for it!

    The hard coconut shells are not only more energy-efficient in the burning process than wood. After processing the carbonizing our coconut briquettes have an unbeatable carbon content. Trust us, you will notice the differenc

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